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Introducing: India's First Cloud Storage service

  • Secure Cloud Backup Service for Enterprises
  • Upload Data via FTP(s) protocol or a Web Browser.
  • Strong Focus on Data Security and Privacy

how does it work?

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Suitable for sensitive enterprise data

Immutable storage option (only allow uploads without a delete option for compliance purposes)

How Does it work?

  1. Enter your credentials:
         Username: Your username
         Password: Your password

2. Drag and drop files from left to right.

3. Done!

Unlimited Storage Space

Cloud storage scalable up to 250 Terabytes (TB)


Universally Compatible

Compatible with all types of computing platforms that support FTP(s) Protocol.(Windows / Linux / Mac / BSD / Embedded Systems / IOT Systems)

Easily Accessible

Use popular file transfer software like FileZilla or WinSCP or simply login using a web browser

Flexible Billing Options

You can choose to pay in easy EMI(s) or make a one time annual payment.

User Friendly Web Interface

Extremely simple and easy to use web interface

Technical Support

Expert technical support with free setup and advice on creating the best backup solution for your business.

technical FEATURES


Standard FTP Protocol

Runs natively on FTP(s) protocol. Compatible with hundreds of backup utilities and FTP software

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Offsite backup

24x7 available off-site backups for enterprises that have to meet compliance (ISO 27000) Best alternative to external USB drives / tape backups


Data Protection from Ransomware

Perfect backup method for protection against ransomware like WannaCrypt that target Network Shares (SMB protocol).


Data Integrity

One concurrent session per user account ensures data integrity. This ensures that data is not accidentally overwritten.


Secure Cloud Storage

Multiple layers of security, 24x7 automated server monitoring allows us to keep your data safe at all times.

IP Based Authentication

Built-in Firewall that allows you to access your data only from your static IP address


Connections from your FTP clients or your browser are secured using SSL / TLS encryption

Secure File Sharing

Shares files securely through password protected file sharing features of our web interface. For increased data security, you can also disable this feature entirely.

cloud service in india security features

100% Data Privacy

We follow a 2 factor approach to data security.
1) Your data can only be accessed using your username / password
2) You can only login from a pre-defined location / Static IP

For Data Privacy:
All passwords are hashed using SHA 256 algorithm and stored securely in our database, which means we do not have access to your credentials (user password ) and so do not have access to your data.


Data Center Compliance Certifications

Both our application servers and storage servers are hosted in state of the art Data Centers in the United States that hold the following certifications / compliances:
– SOC type 2
– ISO/IEC 27001:2013

plans and pricing

All plans include a 30 days free trial

500 GB

Per month

  • 1000

1000 GB

Per month

  • 2000

2000 GB

Per month

  • 3500

4000 GB

Per month

  • 6000

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About Us

Namek Technologies is primarily an IT Security company. We’ve been providing IT security consulting services, Network Firewalls, IDS (intrusion detection systems) since 2012. We have also deployed high-end storage systems for fortune 100 companies since then. Our expertise in IT security and enterprise storage uniquely qualifies us to provide a cloud storage service that customers can trust and rely on.