Namek UTM Firewall


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Namek UTM Firewall Features:

Stateful Firewall

  • Interface based Rules
  • Control routing between interfaces
  • Protect your network from hackers

NAT / Port Forwarding

  • Many to One NAT for Port forwarding
  • One to One NAT to use multiple IP addresses on a single WAN connection


  • Remote access VPN: Unlimited VPN clients available for PC / Mobile
  • Site to Site VPN: Connect your branch offices to your head office for intranet access over any internet connection

Dynamic DNS

  • If you don’t have a static IP, but need to configure VPN or port forwarding for various applications like DVR, Web, FTP
  • You can integrate our firewall with many popular dynamic DNS providers Like N-IP or DynDNS

WAN Load Balancing

  • Multi-WAN Load balancing to use multiple ISPs at the same time (either in failover or load balancing mode)
  • Combine multiple WAN links
  • 3G / 4G Support

Web Filtering Options

  • Multiple Web Filtering options:
  • Using Built-in Web Proxy for content filtering
  • Using DNS based filter like OpenDNS for easy to use high performance Domain based filtering

Captive Portal

  • This feature allows you to force login via username / password or voucher code.
  • This is commonly used on Wi-Fi hotspot networks (malls, coffee shops, hotels, airports)

System Graphs Various System Graphs:

  • Memory usage
  • CPU usage
  • Packets per second (PPS)
  • Realtime Traffic Graphs
  • Interface Statistics (IN / OUT)

Two Factor Authentication

  • Provide Secure Internet Access with username / password + OTP
  • OTP can be generated using Google’s Authenticator App. Available for Android / iOS / Chrome / Windows

Auto backup to google drive

  • Hassle free automatic firewall configuration backup to your Google Drive account.
  • Backup multiple versions in case of a system reinstall.

Mobile Optimized User Interface

  • Configure the firewall using any mobile device with a smaller screen.
  • Provides easy configuration access for administrators travelling or out of the office.

Bandwidth Reporting

  • Detailed information like packet flows including source, destination ip and port number
  • Export usage reports to CSV files
  • Bandwidth Reporting based on Cisco’s Netflow Protocol

No Subscription Fees

  • No Annual subscription charges
  • No licensing fees
  • Support available on an annual or per-call basis.

Lifetime Free OTA Updates

  • Lifetime free security updates
  • Lifetime free software / features updates
  • Completely vendor neutral.

Customizable Software

  • Extend the functionality of the firewall beyond the core components through the use of plugins.

No User Limit

  • No defined user limit
  • Capable of 300+ users with 4GB RAM
  • No user-based pricing

Lowest Price to Performance Ratio

  • Supports a very large number of users (800 – 1500 concurrent users) For a very low price
  • One time purchase
  • Lifetime free updates

Open Hardware

  • Upgrade RAM / SSD at any time
  • Upgrade or even replace the operating system at any time
  • Dual storage options – mSATA SSD + 2.5″ SATA HDD

Power Efficient

  • It consumes only 10W of power
  • Uses Standard 12V DC Adapter

Highly Reliable

  • Premium Aluminum Chassis for better cooling
  • Supports 24×7 operation in a variety of conditions

Open Source

  • An Open Source software product provides best in class security
  • No single vendor dependency
  • Reliability and long term use

Technical Expertise

  • Over 13 years of experience in IT Security Industry
  • More than 500+ firewalls deployed at compaines of all sizes
  • Technical Support available for a variety of network scenarios.

Various Use Cases
Our firewalls are being used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Web Filter
  • Load balancing and failover
  • VPN for site to site connectivity
  • Providing secure
  • Wi-Fi access at hotels to guests

Easy Returns

  • Get easy returns all over India.Call technical support and log a return request
  • Send your faulty device to our head office.
  • After inspection, a replacement device will be shipped within 72 hours.

Models: UTM 150B

Namek UTM Firewall 150B
Namek UTM Firewall 150B

Max Firewall Throughput – 800+ Mbps 
Max Concurrent Sessions – 4,000,000 
Suggested Number of Users Depends on configuration 
Network Interface – 3x Intel Gigabit NIC 
Max VPN Throughput – 50+ Mbps
Storage – 16GB mSATA SSD 
VPN Users – Unlimited 
USB – 2 x USB 3.0 Ports for 3G / 4G 
Weight – 0.85Kg
Power Consumption – 6W – 10W 
Firmware – Open Source firewall operating system
Warranty – 1 Year Hardware warranty

Models: UTM 200C

Namek UTM 300C
Namek UTM Firewall 200C

Max Firewall Throughput – 1+ Gbps 
Max Concurrent Sessions – 4,000,000 upto 16,000,000 (with 16GB RAM)
Suggested Number of Users Depends on configuration
Network Interface6x Intel Gigabit NIC 
Max VPN Throughput – 75+ Mbps
Storage32GB mSATA SSD + optional HDD
VPN Users – Unlimited 
USB – 2 x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 Ports for 3G / 4G OS Installation
Weight – 2Kg
Power Consumption – 15W 
Firmware – Open Source firewall operating system
Warranty – 1 Year Hardware warranty

Models: UTM 300A

Max Firewall Throughput – 2+ Gbps 
Max Concurrent Sessions4,000,000 – 32,000,000 (with 32GB RAM)
Suggested Number of Users 1,000
Network Interface5x Intel Gigabit NIC 2.5GBPS 
Max VPN Throughput – 200+ Mbps
Storage32GB mSATA SSD + optional HDD
VPN Users – Unlimited 
USB – 2 x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 Ports
Power Consumption – 10W 
Firmware – Open Source firewall operating system
Warranty – 1 Year Hardware warranty