Features and benefits comparison of a Virtualized infrastructure 

  • Easy Administration – Administration of a Virtual machine is extremely easy than a physical machine. It can also be done remotely
  • Great savings in total cost of ownership of server hardware – Virtualization gives you the ability of running multiple machines in a single physical host. This not only saves the cost of new hardware but also reduces maintenance of managing multiple hosts. The limit on the number of virtual machines is only limited by your RAM and CPU power. For example, you can have a total of 30 Machines on just 3 physical hosts!
  • Reduced need for power and cooling – reduced hardware means reduced costs in power consumption of physical nodes, as well as savings in cooling systems.
  • High availability and high uptime – Even when maintenance is required on a physical machine, you will be able to move the virtualized server to another host without any downtime or disruption in the operations.
  • Easy migration and upgrades– When migrating to a new hardware, or upgrading existing systems, it can be easily done without the need to do a complete reinstallation of operating system, applications, drivers and data. Migration is as easy as a few mouse clicks.
  • Faster provisioning time – if there is a new server required, the time for creating a new server reduces significantly. Within a few minutes you can have a server ready with the new operating system installed. Furthermore this can be done remotely.
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery – backups on virtualized infrastructure are very easy to perform and also can be automated. In an event of a operating system crash of a guest VM, we can easily restore the latest snapshot and get the VM running in no time.
  • Testing new software – Virtual Machines also makes it easy to test new operating systems and software before deploying it in production. You can simply create a new guest VM and test the necessary software without disrupting any production systems.
  • Central Storage – All data will be stored on a central server which will be replicated to a backup server. This means that data will not reside on the physical hosts on which the virtual machines are running, but to a more secure storage server with high data availability.

Why choose our virtualization solution?

  • Completely Web based – our virtualization solution is completely web based and unlike other solutions, you do not need to install several ‘management software’ at the expense of dedicated systems. All you need is a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox and you are ready to manage it.
  • No prior training or experience required – Unlike other virtualization solutions that need prior training / certifications, only basic network and server administration skills are required.
  • Supports a variety of operating systems – Linux, BSD, Windows desktop and server editions
  • Live migration – Moving virtual machines from one host to another without any downtime
  • Open source – Tools that are already being used by large corporations which are proven, well tested, secure and extremely reliable.
  • Central Management – Manage all the physical hosts from one window
  • Role based authentication
  • Easy Backup and restore process
  • No vendor specific hardware requirements – the hypervisor runs on all major servers and can also run on standard commodity hardware, there are no restrictions as to what hardware can the participating physical hosts should have.
  • Variety of storage models – iSCSI, NFS, CIFS (SMB shares)
  • Automated file replication.

Why Choose Namek Technologies?

  • High level of expertise and years of experience across a variety of fields like hardware, networking, IT security, virtualization technologies and operating systems.
  • Already proven methodologies and implementation at major corporate clients in the past.
  • Excellent after sales support– We constantly keep in touch with your IT team to ensure all systems are performing at optimal levels and also do routine inspections of the systems and alert you in case of any issues.